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  • We are making request again

    • PV does not have ads, "sponsors" or anything like it
    • Each month we pay for dedicated server hosting and it this sum is not small, and additional daily backup located outside of hoster network (for safety).
    • We don't have big team to support site. No admins, paid moderators, etc. All this time is invested in keeping this community alive.
    • Remember to support regularly, even with very small amounts, if you are in economic trouble.

    Where we are going:

    • Exhibition coverage done - NAB, first time ever, 28 videos online more to come
    • Exhibition coverage planned - Cine Expo, BIRTV - both first time ever
    • Light measurement at NAB, publishing this week
    • We need to finally get small remaining funds for spectrometer
    • We are making gear reviews, few things coming
    • We are improving our deals
    • Hope to sort out old youtube and vimeo videos and write small script for it

    We really need your help now, remember to donate using orange Donate button above this page!

    Thanks in advance.

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  • sent ! thanks vk

  • Thanks guys, some other supported but did not write here.

  • Donated a little.

  • Thanks for all who helped.

    Keep doing it, please. We need your small help!

  • Donated for the first time. Thanks for your good work and never-ending news feed :)

  • @vstardust

    Thanks for help.

    PV really needs members help now as we have 3 exhibitions ahead and lot of reviews and videos coming.