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GoPro Fusion VR 360 5.7K camera
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    • Video at 5.7K 24 fps and 5.2K 30fps, plus 3008 x 1504 at 30fps
    • 18 MP Photos. 40fps burst mode. raw support.
    • ISO for photos: 100 to 800
    • ISO for videos: 100 to 6400
    • Shutter speed up to 30 seconds.
    • USB Type C connector
    • $1000 price

    • OverCapture – Allows to use the 360 video to create a traditional 16:9 video in 1080p resolution, with full control of the perspective.

    • Protune mode: You can set ISO limit and set exposure compensation (+/- 2.0EV).

    • Waterproof up to 16 feet.

    • Voice control similar to GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session.

    • GPS location tagging

    • Quikcapture: In standby by pressing the shutter button you can quickly capture the moment. Camera automatically wake up the camera and begin recording. Alternatively, you can hold down the shutter button from standby to use Quikcapture with a time lapse photo.

    • Video highlights: You can bookmark highlights in your videos.

    • Intervalometer. The intervals can be as short as 0.5 second to as long as 60 seconds. There is also a separate night lapse photo mode that can take sequential photos with long exposures. This can help create photos of star trails.

    • Voice activated remote: Fusion is compatible with the Remo waterproof voice activated remote for the Hero5 Black.

    • Recording while charging. The side door can be removed to make it easier to connect a USB cable while recording.

    • TWO micro SD cards slots.

    They opened pilot program now at

    614 x 400 - 12K
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    800 x 543 - 52K
    800 x 719 - 58K
    800 x 701 - 57K
  • It has to be seriously good to save them

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