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Camdiox Focal Reducer with Aperture (NEX-EF)
  • Does anyone have any experience with this focal reducer?

    I used to buy the focal reducers offered on PV, they have good optics. However, I love the fact this one has aperture blades. Any experience with this one?

    900 x 900 - 59K
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  • Looks fun, but not sure how effective such aperture is.

    I think we had some topic about normal adapters with aperture, and it did not work too well.

  • they got ripped apart over their electronic adapters so I guess this is their solution.

  • I dont mind this solution, if it works. I'll try to dig up the discussion about the other aperture adapters.

  • My experience with this sort of adapter with built-in aperture blades hasn't been extremely positive, but with the caveat that it can be nice if you're adapting a lens without an aperture of its own like some of the large format lenses I've adapted (or one where the aperture is annoying like on the Lomo Petzval which uses aperture inserts).

  • if an electronic one is not an option- this one seems better than nothing. what have been the problems with using this aperture?