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11-16mm Tokina
  • Everybody is talking about this lens;however, I couldn't find a lot of info about it with GH2.
    anyone can help

    Which mount I should buy and why?
    which adapter?
    and with the adapter do I have full control over the iris?
    if someone can make a video will be great
    Thank you
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  • Buy a Nikon mount and get a Nikon G-Mount adapter with aperture control. It should work.

  • I have the Canon mount on the GH2 but mainly use it on the NEX 5N since it is an APS-C ultra wide angle. I recommend the Olympus 12mm F2 or SLR Magic 12mm F1.6 for the GH2 instead. The Oly is only a bit more money and is far more compact, has video optimised AF when you need it, faster aperture and shallower DOF. Of course if you really need that zoom range go for the Tokina, I just find the corners quite soft compared to the Olympus especially at 11mm or on APS-C sensors.
  • Really? The Tokina softer in the corners?...I'd really like to see crops on this!
  • Tokina soft? Hard to believe. Its certainly slower, but the glass is unbeatable for the price.
  • Btw, many guys do not notice 12-24mm F4 Tokina.
    And for many things on m43 it is more valuable lens.
  • Just sold my 11-16mm Tokina because I have trouble with focusing when changing zoom with 3 cheap adapters.
    There was everything out of focus when I zoom-in or zoom-out.
    And the metering ring not shows actually distances. Canon zooms has same issue with cheap adapters.
    Then I bought Kipon Canon-M43 adapter aperture ($120).
    With this adapter I was much closer to tune focus on Tokina. But not perfect like on 7D.
    Then I got Olympus 12mm 2.0 and Lumix 7-14 4.0 and sold Tokina, because I waiting for Lumix 12-35mm.
    Nothing exact like genuine lenses. This is my conclusion.
  • A fast aperture isn't as useful for a super wide-angle zoom lens since its depth of field is too deep to produce much bokeh at f2.8. For the GH2, I think the most practical choice is an Olympus 9-18mm f4-5.6. It's much wider than the Tokina 11-16mm and half the price of the Panasonic 7-14mm.
  • @act
    If you can afford the Oly 12mm or the 7-14mm, of course you should...
    Though the 7-14mm is really missing a filter's screw.
    I should get the 9-18mm, but all the samples i saw don't attract me despite the lack of real flaws.


    What do u see in this 12-24mm that the 11-16mm does not have?
  • >What do u see in this 12-24mm that the 11-16mm does not have?

    It is 22-44mm equv. in GH2 video mode :-)
    For most cases you don't need to go wider than 22mm, but 44mm is very useful if you are shooting inside.
  • Simple as that. Ok thx.
  • Thanks guys
  • What's a good variable nd filter for the tokina 11-16. Don't want something that vignettes but can't afford a singh-ray thin mount...
  • @ipcmlr get 82mm step up ring and your Fader ND.
  • LCW markII (not I!!!) is really good for the price.
  • my bad, it's vignetting with the tokina, it seems.
  • Its the best bang4buck wide angle for Canon and i've used it. Will work on Full-frame @15-16. But i thought about it and would rather go with the 7-14 for the GH2. I hate losing electronics. Just my issue.
  • How about 14mm 2.5 and the Sony .75x wide angle converter? 10.5mm and 14mm.
  • I have been using the 11-16mm Tonkina for a year and I love it but the extra stop is a big deal for me.

    On the GH2 dose the Oly 12mm have a lot of distortion? It was my understanding that there was some correction going on and I am not sure if that translates to the GH2.
  • I think it is corrected.
    Same as 14mm.
  • @stonebat
    I use for fun Lumix 14mm 2.5 and Canon Wide Converter WD-58 x0.7 with step up ring.
    It nice, not vignetting, fast as f/2.5, autofocus and aperture are able to change from camera.
    But at sides of image it looks slightly closer to fisheye, and notice some chromatic aberrations.
    It's cheap and useful with fast aperture.
    This converter works only with pancakes lenses.
  • @act
    Try to post it also in
    As it'll hart to find otherwise.
    And attach some grabs to show the quality with converter, ok?
  • seen loads of tokina 11-16mm footage. Beautiful colours.. But I'm trying to compare it with the m4/3 oly 9-18mm. will have to sacrifice since it will be my hiking/landscape lens, so weight and size is important. this footage from the 9-18mm
    looks very organic, but haven't seen working outside with natural light. Ideally I would get the m4/3 9-18mm (even though it feels plastic) but I assume, since the autofocus works) that would come with digital sharpening? also, any thoughts on the sigma 10-20mm?
  • Man that was an awesome shot. Do you know what camera that was shot on?
  • @njoslavelin
    From Vimeo:
    A clandestine meeting of jujitsu turns out to be the confrontation of two imam, the latest Apple. A bug and everything degenerates.

    A film by:
    Nabil Bellahsen
    Emmanuel Bernard
    Antoine Besse
    Caussarieu Charlotte
    Etienne DURAND

    Plan sequence filmed in GH2 with Olympus 9-18mm and the Glidecam HD 1000.
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