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Sony fake claim spreads
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    Sony has announced today that their continued growth has vaulted them into the #2 overall position in the U.S. full-frame interchangeable lens camera market.

    Sony's interchangeable lens cameras and lenses have seen record sales in 2017, in particular within the U.S. full-frame camera market, where they have experienced double-digit growth (+23%) 2 compared to the same period last year. The popularity of key models including α7RII and α7SII has been paramount to this success.

    Additionally, Sony's rapid growth has helped to drive growth of the overall full-frame interchangeable lens camera market compared to the same period last year. Without Sony's contributions, the full-frame market would be facing a slight decline.

    Here is perfect example of lack of gray matter in some journalists heads.

    As PR is perfect example of manipulations and light lies.

    First. It is not actual retail data, it is market research. According to the Penny Arcade Report, NPD reports “bear only a passing resemblance to what’s actually going on in the market.” Surprise.

    Second. Sony made manipulation by combining lenses and bodies and focusing solely on total sum, not numbers. It is not much surprise as Sony use heavy artillery lately including top bloggers, advertising and all methods to hide this expenses using partners. Margins on lenses and bodies set new records and can reach as high as 200-300%.

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