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Gh5 lcd protector
  • I plan on getting this screen protector for my gh5 but not sure if I should get the Anti Glare one or Clear one. I dont want to get the anti glare one if theres any real downsides or color or brightness varations ect. So just want a honest opinion from someone who has used them before on dslrs.


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  • You don't need screen protection. For 5 years GH3 and for 2 year GH4 did not get any problem and I carried them with opened screen.

  • @Rambalac

    What kind of f234536345king answer is that?!

    If someone asked you the concrete advice, why do you bother responding if the only thing you can do is been a wise ass?!?!

    It didn't crossed your mind that maybe jclmedia lives in different climate then you? Or that he is more abusive towards his equipment then you? or that he has a pet that loves scratching the screens?

    If you don't contribute to the conversation with your answer -then keep your mouth SHUT UP!!!

    ( If somebody asks you for a recomendation of a good health insurance, and you don't have one, then please don't answer him or her in style: " You don't need the fucking health insurance, I never had one and I wasn't sick for last 30 years!" because maybe his health needs are different then yours...)

  • pretty much lol.^ that guy has worst response ever ahahah