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Yet another Lumix LiveView app but for Windows 10
  • I'm making free, no ad, open source app for Windows 10 (desktop, mobile, xbox :) and hololens)

    App fetures:

    • Fullscreen camera liveview. Tested with GH3 and GH4 but should work with any Lumix camers.
    • Photo capture and video recording start/stop.
    • Changing basic parameters like ISO, Aperture, and Shutter. Changes on camera get reflected to app, as current mode auto parameters.
    • Multiple cameras can be connected at once, for now need switching to see and control, but I plan split-screen and separate windows. You can connect cameras to common WiFi access point.

    I wish to test it with Hololens. Should be cool watching liveview in any position.


    MS Store (v1.3 is in publising state in the Store)

    PC screenshot 2.jpg
    800 x 450 - 28K
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  • @Rambalac

    How about make 800px screenshot and in jpeg.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I was expecting it will be resized, but after posting I could not delete it. {"Code":401,"Exception":"You don't have permission to do that."} ×

  • Are you able to touch autofocus via app ?

  • Not yet, but probably in few days will be. I started just about a week ago and most of time was wasted not for developing but struggling over camera connection and UDP traffic parsing, but now it's pretty stable. After Windows 10 Creator Update I can connect to camera directly.

  • @zcream Yes, I just made touch af. Need to check how to resize focus area, but changing position works. I will release it with v1.4 in few days.

  • Fantastic mate.. Look forward to seeing what you got.

  • Sending to MS Store. It should appear in 12 hours. Tested GH3 and GH4 only, but should work for all Lumix cameras in the same generation.

  • @Rambalac: I can't connect my Lumix GX7 . The camera is visible, camera shows " Under remote control" and then nothing happens.

    1194 x 635 - 28K
  • @panauser Hm I added better liveview packets parsing but cannot test. I will release new version in a few days with better performance and LUT support. I hope you will be able to see it. By the way, how did you connect? Camera as access point or camera connected to another access point? Is network set private/discoverable?

  • @Rambalac Thanks for the information. I connect the camera to another accespoint. The network is private. But I can connect the camera with Lumix app and the software of "Lufthummel"

    I tested the communication with the camcgi-codes. I see a similar behavior if I don't switch the camera in RecMode (by ".../cam.cgi?mode=camcmd&value=recmode") before starting the stream (... /cam.cgi?mode=startstream&value=49199). Do you do this?

  • Can you post the .appx file as well? It's possible to avoid the MS store this way.

  • @Ezzeiln Ok, I will publish them as GitHub project releases. Just added 1.5.0 there

  • "Multiple cameras can be connected at once, for now need switching to see and control, but I plan split-screen and separate windows. You can connect cameras to common WiFi access point."

    I suppose it's not possible to send the commands to multiple cameras at the same instant? If it's possible, it might be used for 3D photography/filming.

  • @crunchy I thought about Start/stop record all button, but i will implement it with split screen. Not sure if it's useful for 3D, it will not work so much synchronously.

  • Only for GH's, dont work with GX8 for example?

  • @Manu4Vendetta Just released 1.6.0 which should be able to connect GX8 and other cameras. But my most new camera is GH4 so I could not test the fix. It can take a while to get published in MS Store, check it in 10 hours.

    In 1.6.0 I also added support for Cube LUTs preview and anamorphic de-squeezing.

  • Pushed v1.7.0 to MS store (will be available in about 12h)

    • More fixes and workarounds for other cameras connectivity
    • Split screen for multiple cameras
    • WiFi manager for autoconnect to camera WiFi
    800 x 404 - 44K
  • Oh, just got time for a walk to take tons of sakura video and spent half an hour in​ Yodobashi Camera store to sniff several cameras. Found that cameras ask for confirmation to allow connection while Image App is continuously sending special type of request until camera allows connection. No wonder my app could not connect. I'm​ going to fix it and publish in 12 hours.

  • 1.7.1 released. I hope it can help for other cameras.

  • @Rambalac "@crunchy I thought about Start/stop record all button, but i will implement it with split screen. Not sure if it's useful for 3D, it will not work so much synchronously."

    Synch between cameras can be achieved by externally powering the cameras and switching on the power supply while the on/off buttons are in ON position. This is easy to be done and it works (extremely well with GH4). If sending trigger signals simultaneously (by wire) to both cameras, the video is in synch! However, it would be extremely useful for 3D community if your solution is able to send the same settings to both cameras and to trigger them at the same time. However, are you sure that you can send the commands at the same instant to both cameras? If this is true, then this might be the ultimate solution!

  • @crunchy I can send it simultaneously but camera is using http protocol, so result will be similar to opening same page in two tabs, maybe simultaneously, maybe not exactly. I already implemented split screen as you can see in screenshot above.

    But the main problem now is camera connection. It works with GH4 and GH3, cameras I have, but not with others. I'm trying to fix but I dont know if fix works because no one is trying to test it.

  • LOL. Another discovery. Panasonic's API is totally inconsistent crap. It's not only different response type for the same request like XML and CSV. Just found XML response from GH5 is wrong, it contains multiple duplicated entries on the same tree level where all items should have unique id, content of that entries is also the same.

    Added workarounds and released 1.7.3

  • I tested version 1.7.3 with GX7. Same result as version 1.3 ( -> no connection

  • @panauser Sorry to hear that. Yesterday I went to camera store again and tried my app with G80. It failed but I got place where it failed. So I fixed at least that connection step but could not retest yet. Released fix in 1.7.5.

    Actually problem was Angle field which for GH can be used instead of shutter time. Seems It's absent in other non-GH cameras, so fix could help for GX7 too.

  • @rambalac: Good news: With release 1.7.5 I am able to connect to GX7