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GH5 Australia delay
  • Everyone is getting their cameras in the USA and Europe (and there is even availability off the shelf) - Australia is still listed for a mid to late April release - what is going on?

    ( I have my GH4 workhorse and all my lenses so this isnt life or death - just wondering why the delay and excited to start unleashing the Gh5 on commercial work)

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  • @ReflexFilms

    I've not long gotten off the phone with DigiDirect in Melbourne and they reckon late April for back orders, and off the shelf stocks depends on how many they get sent because they're not sure how many they will get. Hope the $AUS doesn't devalue more in the meantime. For commercial work what's your opinion of the price ?

  • That is really disappointing timing wise. I have preordered through Digidirect here in WA. So are you saying the earliest anyone that preordered in Australia will have a camera is Late April?

    Regarding price:

    The GH5 is a no brainer for the price. For me.

    But that is relative to my income and clients. (which I have spent 14 years developing)

    My GH4 has been one of the pillars of my business - the codec is half the value - i can turn projects around super fast using my native workflow and the render speed and edit power of Final Cut Pro x

    Someone on a tight budget / starting off could get 90% of the image quality with a Gh4 and some nice lenses.

    Web delivery means that many viewers can't tell the difference between what camera was used. Some of my work goes to broadcast (and has been fine) but most is web.

    The lensing makes the biggest visual difference-

    If i want to make a statement my voigtlander 25/ .095 comes out.

    For event shooting its the 12-35 most of the time as i can move quickly and go handheld for sudden breaking events if required.

    And for Real estate the 7-14 Olympus 2.8 -which magically "expands space"

    To address some of the concerns out there about the GH series

    Dynamic range isn't an issue as i fill light most of my important / hero corporate shots.(interviews / product shots) For outdoor events i just expose for my content and if i clip highlights a bit to allow the story to develop then so be it! No client has ever complained. And the image always meets my standards

    Autofocus is also a complete non issue for me as I am manual focus all the way. (I use a magnetic clip on LCD screen magnifier and peaking for outdoor shoots)

    Low light not an issue - the Voigtlander (25/.095 and useable iso up to 3200) has me sorted out.

    The Voigtlander 25 in action for personal work (handheld and slow motion)

  • @RelexFilms

    Not until after the second week of April they told me this morning. Not knowing how many they were getting would be a concern as well. Yep I can see you putting it to work commercially, your vids look great.

  • Thanks for the info - I would love to know why we have such a big delay down here in Australia.

  • We are a small market compared with USA & Europe.

  • You can still get GH5 via PV deals :-) And Australia customs is usually very good :-)

  • Small GH5 bodies stock available

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