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Kudrone 4K Camera Drone
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  • This looks really fake. You can see in the videos that they've composited a 'flying' drone into the footage. It's pretty laughable. It doesn't even make sense that they would be able to deliver this at 1/10th the price and size of an established company like DJI.

  • Other websites would seem to agree... If they deliver, I'm a generation 1 buyer. There's no way I'm a backer/early adopter, though...

  • I think they really are making it but rather or not I'll be everything they promise remains to be seam. With that said, some of the ways they are marketing it aren't ethical. I mean yes companies can go too far with their marketing as well but some of the bad ways they are marketing this drone stands out.

    I'd like to get it for myself but not entirely sure I want to be one of the guinea pigs. The campaign finishes in 3 days. The price is definitely very enticing.

    It has raised over 1 million dollars with over 9,000 backers.

    Anyway, the campaign is happening at the perfect time for them. They are doing an Adwords campaign on YouTube. With the way things are at the moment, it should cost less to advertise a product to certain regions and with certain keywords. When big companies pull out of advertising on YouTube, that becomes a good opportunity for companies who will stay on since they wouldn't need to spend as much money getting the kind of reach they have in mind.


    As expected, this thing is definitely getting released.

    I ended up deciding to order one on the last day of the main campaign. You can still buy it but for a slightly higher price than what me and most other people got it for. I paid $109 and It's currently at $129. It'll be retailing for $189 after this is out.

    I'll be posting videos as soon as I get it so people can get real world experiences.

  • The app is already on iOS and Android and so I decided to do a quick video of it.

    One thing that's going to be a turn off for some people is the fact that you need to register with an email address before you use the app. I did not know that was the case until I tried. I uploaded the video without any audio and decided to use the first royalty free track I see that was suggested by YouTube. Hopefully you're all fine with it.

  • The new expected day that they'll start shipping it is August 25st for the first 5,000 units. Unfortunately I didn't order it soon enough to be within the first 5,000 but I really hope I can get it before September 15 since the Boston Freedom Rally is from the 15th to the 17th. Hopefully their wont be any strong winds.

    Test footage from a pre-production unit while in flight.

    Other new videos.

  • I'll find out later if I had wasted money on it by giving it a test flight. I had it for a few days now but didn't bother opening it since I've been busy lately. Just finished a video project for someone and decided to finally open this. Probably wont try flying it till tomorrow. Might not be a good idea flying it when I'm a bit tired.