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OSEE monitor with 10bit panel and internal LUTs
  • Hey guys

    I know you are into affordable monitors and I really got hooked on this OSEE LCM 156 Monitor.

    • 10 De-Log to REC709 Look Profile LUTS - Preloaded
    • 4 User luts can be combined with any color space
    • Rec709, DCI-P3, BT.2020 Precision Calibration
    • RGB Modulated backlight system
    • Wide Color Gamut
    • Waveform/Vectorsope
    • Focus Assist
    • Luma Zoom
    • Zebra
    • False Color
    • 700:1Contrast Ratio/250Nit
    • Plus additional V Mount solution.

    Reviews seem like the first version had problems that are now solved in the new version.

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  • Let's do without links to any buys and such, shop is pretty enough.

    Note that 250Nit panel can't be HDR.

    700:1 contrast ration is usual for cheap panels.

    panel can be not 10bit, but simulated 10bit - 8bit with dithering

    And I have big doubts about any DCI-P3 and 100% doubts about BT.2020

  • Yes there is a 40 something page thread about that on lift gamma gain forum, the Osee owner doesn't seem to know too much about the stuff he sells, a lot of Pr crap, but most people agree that the monitor is pretty much the best bang for the buck at the moment. I tried it in a German shop that had it and the build quality was very decent.

  • If you want some manufacturer who understand that he is doing and makes Rec 709 calibrated stuff with better panel



    May be features are not so high, but from simple practical standpoint it is better

    715 x 320 - 42K
    670 x 605 - 65K
  • I really need Luts and falsecolor. Are those neway panels color accurate?

  • As far as I know they work on LUTs.

    Do not know why it do not have false color, as it is standard option for all their small monitors.

    Are those neway panels color accurate?

    Yep, normally they are Rec 709.

  • Hm for those don't do the trick for me. But we will see what they will come out with :) thanks for posting them though. I like the four inputs as I do multicam shoots.