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AX33 and Frame Rate and HD options
  • I am using the Sony AX33 Camera. I would like to know how I can get to the option such that I can get to the option where I can shoot with frame size 1920 X 1080 and Frame Rate of 29.97 fps.

    Currently, I seem to only be able to get to the 1920 X 1080 setting when I choose HD, but then it shoots in Frame Rate of 60fps.

    Please advise.

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  • The user manual should be your first place to look for this. If you don't have one, then Sony usually provide them as PDF files on their website.

  • Their User Manual shows you how to change the settings, but when I choose HD, it records with frame rate of 1440 X 1080. The user manual does not show how to change that.

  • The user manual does not show how to change that.

    Shitty manual.

    Do you have link to PDF version?

  • This was the best link i have come across but it does not help

  • It is 3 menu elements that set it all


    Look at mid of


    667 x 361 - 30K
  • Hi Thank you, but this still does not help. You see when I select XAVC S HD , it still records in 1440 X 1080 in stead of 1920 X 1080. i know this for i use adobe premiere to edit.

  • @filmchickie

    It is all 3 options that define recorded media, not one.

    And get MediaInfo at

  • I select FileFormat - XAVC SHD I select FRame Rate at 30p. Dual Video Rec is OFF Rec Mode is 50 MBS.

    I shoot the footage and load it into premiere and the size of the frame is 1440 X 1080. I need it to be 1920 X 1080, why can't it shoot that at 30fps

  • @filmchickie

    As I told, tell me that MediaInfo shows.

  • I was just wondering what does Mediainfo have that ADobe Premiere Pro doesn't. I mean in adobe premiere it tells me the frame size.

  • Try to do that I asked.