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'Always Shine', made with a GH series or a mirrorless?
  • The look remember me a GH series, I have curiosity about. IMDB dont have camera's specification and nothing about in internet. The movie look was a very low budget, for post they needed a kickstarter campaign of a goal $18,000 ended in $22,483.

    Anyway, my curiosity is that seeing it I suspect it was with a GH, although they could use some Sony or a JVC camcorder M4/3, and even Samsung, but I lean more to the possibility of a GH.

    The cinematography is from Mark Schwartzbard, first first assistant camera of 'Borat', camera operator of 'Brüno' and additional camera operator of 'Up in the Air', 'The Departed', 'Little Children'.

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  • You can always ask them by email and let us know :-)

  • Didn't know was a kickstarter project. The intro is fantastish and I quite liked the first half, the girls are great, photography, edit also. The second half is IMO very cliché and mediocre (script wise). TX Manu 4 the heads up  

    Late Adam Yauch's (Beastie Boys) Osciloscope has become a reference for quality projects =)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, The first thing is that I dont get the mail, only I get the mail from his agent. The second is, do you think a Holllywood DP would answer me? Although the great Roger Deakins has a page that interacts with his readers and answers questions.

    I read he's a fan of Panasonic, and was using the Varicam from Netflix's series 'Master of None'.

    @maxr, seems the kickstarter was only for the post. From wikipedia:

    'Production Sophia Takal revealed in an interview from 2011 to 2014, her and Lawrence Michael Levine attempted to get financing, get recognizable actors, and not have herself act in the film. Takal cast Mackenzie Davis and Caitlin Fitzgerald since they had a deep understanding of the material. While filming, the cast and crew lived in a house in Big Sur and would do meditation and cook dinner.

    Post-production A Kickstarter campaign was launched to finish the post-production on the film, a goal of $18,000 was set, but ended up making $22,483.'

  • @Manu4Vendetta ok, that actually makes more sense as the film "looks" and "moves" as grown ones do =)

  • His equipment list shows he is using Canon cameras. :( :) Some behind the scenes stills might show exactly what cameras were used, but I haven't seen any on any website.

  • Never seen anything close to the images from the trailer that came out of GH line ,sorry ,just not close ,the highlights the colors and the blacks not close