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Aputure DEC VariND Genius Adapter
    1. Two versions - Canon EF to Micro Four Thirds or to E-Mount.
    2. Wireless follow-focus with the included grip handle.
    3. Wireless aperture adjuster.
    4. Remote trigger, allowing you to start/stop recording wirelessly.
    5. Liquid crystal variable ND included, allowing you to wirelessly adjust from ND8 to ND2048, which is 8 stops of ND. It also comes with a clear filter, in case you don’t want that ND element.
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  • at 16:10 in the above video, he demonstrates a slow focus move, it is apparent the lens he is using controls the focus using a stepping motor, and a smooth focus pull is not possible, it this the case with all Canon lenses? I understand they are made for fast AF and not shooting video, just looking to understand the limitations.