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What are H.264 bitrate requirements for high frame rate (48, 50, 60 fps) 4K / UHD?
  • What is the bitrate (and/or other codec specifications) necessary for lifelike motion in HFR 4K and UHD video, when shooting on cameras that use H.264 codec?

    For example, GH5 offers [4K/8bit/150M/60p] Long GOP setting. At 150Mbps, can it be trusted that motion will always be captured and reproduced well? Or could there be problems like stuttering or macroblocking, especially when there are lots of details in the image?

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  • The more details and the faster the motion - the more bitrate is necessary. And even this can not save the day, as encoder decides how to use bitrate and can do it in strange ways.

    Lifelike motion also greatly depends on shutter speed and camera motion :-)

  • You could help yourself by recording outboard prores or dnxhd using an atomos product (if there is 4k60p output on hdmi working now)...