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Best dual monitor setup for FCPX
  • Im currently running FCPX on a MacPro 2013 (cylinder) with a Dell 27 inch monitor via mini displayport out. Thinking of adding a 2nd monitor and having the Browser on the 2nd screen, maybe set up the 2nd monitor on its side as portrait mode for optimal use of space, I'm guessing it doesn't have to be another 27 inch monitor, just need enough room to have lots of libraries and event lists open and visible, anyone have a similar setup they can advise on? Cheers

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  • You can just get cheap 32" 4K TV. Just check that 4K at 30fps is supported by Mac (and you can switch to 60fps is you'll use it for primary monitor editing).

  • Don't have room at my desk for a 32' TV unfortunately, ended up going for another Dell Ultrasharp - 24' this time