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GH5 Best Video Settings
  • To early for this new topic?.. thought I would mirror the existing topic that was so successful for The GH4. I would like to see people's experience with this camera, their best/favourite settings and colour grading tips and LUTs used.

    Should be picking my GH5 next week so hope to have a play and start posting so tests very soon!

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  • I have purchased the vlog code for the GH5 so will be keen to shoot most of my stuff in vlog. I have had a play with some sample footage and like what you can do now with the new 10 bit 150mb stuff.

    I am interested to learn more about the LUT view assist in the GH5. I have heard a bit about it but not seen anything video wise on the web. From what I understand this allows you to store Luts on your sd card and overlay them in camera on top of the vlog profile to shoot as if the LUT is already applied. This would be great for nailing exposure and focus in camera...will be very interestd to see how this works in practice..

  • What I have heared in an interview with Shawn Robinson from Panasonic is, that up to 4Luts are stored in camera. But due to prerelease cameras in his camera only one Lut worked up to now. See here at 22:49

  • @AKED Thanks for that, first time I have heard it mentioned in a video, I would like to see it in action though. I also wonder are you only allowed to preview the LUT ontop of the Vlog Image befoe shooting or with the LUT overlay stay in place while recording?

  • I do not know. Write to Joseph, maybe he knows or can find out.

  • I've evaluated test footage from the GH5, and obtained very nice color using Cinelike D in Logarist. It remains to be seen whether V-Log L holds any advantage over Cinelike D.

    I'd be pleased to have some GH5 owners give Logarist a try and provide their feedback:

  • @balazer thanks I will download and give it a go

  • Ok been playing with the GH5 for 3 days now. I have vlog and many luts but as it stands because 10 bit is so beautiful I cant pull myself away from the standard profile, all 0's...

    Others thoughts?

  • ProAV TV posted this nice little test video with the GH5's photo styles.

    Here are stills from the video, along with a Cinelike D image processed in Logarist:

    image image image image image image

  • any one likes the Lmonochrome new photo profile?