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Vimeo 360 video support
    • High-Quality 360° Viewing: Upload 360° videos in up to 8K resolution; online and offline playback up to 4K
    • Powerful and Customizable Settings: Add metadata for both monoscopic and stereoscopic video, customize player embed settings, capture email leads, and insert calls-to-action directly in the embedded player. Set field of view, pitch, yaw (essentially latitude/longitude) and choose the exact point in space where the video begins. A compass in the player orients viewers and encourage interaction
    • 360 Video School: Educational resources and tutorials on 360° cameras, pre-production, shooting, and editing.
    • Open Marketplace to Sell 360° Videos: Sell your 360° content direct-to-audience worldwide through Vimeo On Demand (Vimeo PRO and Business members). Select rent, buy, or subscription options, set price and distribution region, and take home 90% of the revenue after transaction costs
    • Compatible with desktop, mobile, and VR headsets: iOS and Android support. Also compatible with the following VR headsets: Zeiss VR One, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Daydream, with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive coming soon.
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