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GH4 model number
  • I have broken micro hdmi connector on my GH4 and service guy say that they can't find same or similar micro hdmi so they need to replace whole main board. Due to camera usage on gimbal and drone bottom part is scratched on some parts and unfortunately sticker with camera model number and serial number missing some small part and is not fully readable. From Panasonic repair center in Germany they need full model or serial number to be able to know exactly which mainboard is inside my GH4. There are few different mainboards. Very strangely there is no any specific part number on the mainboard. Can somebody help me to find out what is the model number of my GH4?

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  • here is mine, maybe it helps

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  • If you have the original invoice or the original Panasonic box. Maybe, if you are lucky, you find the number there. Did you register your camera? Usually, one has to enter the serial number there.

  • Thank you. I thought that there was few letters after the DMC-GH4. I can't find original box and unfortunately didn't registered my camera with Panasonic.

  • Thank you very much Kris! This should help service guys.