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Eylca : control FZ1000 (and other Lumix cameras) from an android app
  • Hi

    I made an android app which allows to control a lumix camera remotely. It is based on the amazing work of @lenuisible It aims at extending the possibilities of what your camera can do. At this point, it allows some really really basic control, and motion detection.

    It is still at an early development stage, and I can only test it on the FZ1000.


    The app is free and opensource.
    You can find the code here:

    It is currently in fdroid repositories, and you can install it from there.
    You can find an apk here:


    Please disable burst mode on your camera. It is not handled yet. Start the wifi on your camera, connect your phone to the wifi of the camera, and launch the app.

    Basic control

    The app allows to see what the camera sees, and to control the camera manually to some extend. Right now, we can only take pictures, videos, zoom in and out and focus in and out. The controls for zooming and focusing don't support long click yet, but it will get better soon.

    Motion detection

    The main purpose of the app is to do things that you can't do with only your camera, or with Panasonic app.

    At this point, the main feature is to shoot or record a video when a motion is detected in what the camera sees. You can control this detection with 2 parameters: a threshold, and a parameter to tell the size of the object which may appear in the camera stream. These 2 parameters can be changed on the fly. I recommend that you start motion detection in "do nothing" mode, when you want to set the parameters without taking multiple useless photos. Please note that motion detection has to be restarted if you change between "do nothing", "continuously shoot" or "record video".


    If you don't see what the camera sees in basic control mode, check the camera ip in the settings of the app, and change it if necessary. You may also need to disable mobile data.


    In the futur, I'd like to add focus bracketing, and scripting. If you have any idea which could extend the camera's features using remote control, please don't hesitate to share ! Also don't hesitate to give feedback.