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100-300mm F4.0-5.6 II Panasonic Power OIS 2017 lens
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    LUMIX G VARIO 100-300mm / F4.0-5.6 II / POWER O.I.S. (H-FSA100300)
    Lens is a successor to the H-FS100300

    • Achieves handheld telephoto shooting with POWER O.I.S. and 5-axis Dual I.S.2.
    • Max.240-fps sensor drive for high-speed, high-performance AF.
    • Rugged, splash/dust-proof design for heavy field use.
    • Supports high-quality video recording(as described above).
    • The lens system comprises 17 elements in 12 groups including 1 ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) lens.
    • Multi coating to minimize ghosts and flaring.

    The FSA100300 will be available in black for $649.99 in February.

    699 x 503 - 44K
    684 x 459 - 36K
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  • Wow, Panny is really listening these days. Weather-sealed, improved OIS and AF speed for only $50 more than the model it replaces. With the GH5 4K crop mode it will become an 840mm equivalent focal length at F5.6. I'll probably pick one of these up instead of drooling over the Leica.

  • I'll probably pick one of these up instead of drooling over the Leica.

    I am thinking to do the same. My current 100-300mm is almost dead.

  • As a video user of the current 100-300mm Mega OIS lens, I’ve been interested in this lens. And my first observation is that the body looks the same and still doesn’t provide enough space on end of the lens for many lens supports that I know of other than the very thin Fotga DP 500 support with the very thin rubber wheels that only just fit on the space between focus and zoom rings. I not only need a lens support but also have a thin rubber band to offer extra down support. I’d use a zip tie but there’s not enough room. So I’m wondering how the new Power OIS will behave with the new lens when it is on sticks and will it bite you on the arse if turned on, ala Mega OIS. I generally leave the Mega OIS turned on with the focal lengths I shoot at, and live with the consequences as it far out ways the results I get if it’s turned off. I love the fact the new lens is weather sealed as my lens is a real dust collector with the trombone zoom, and I’m quite often shooting around a lot of spray and salt in the air. I realise a lot of stills shooters will be hand holding this lens, as well as some video shooters, and although the price is tempting I think I’ll get the 100-400mm.

  • If the ED glass in this causes lens extensions lasting more than 4 hours, call more ladies.

    Eagerly waiting reviews for the new version. (no miracles expected)
    (It's been a day, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! (... unboxers, I'm talking to you) :-)
    (hmm, why has Panasonic NOT put this in reviewers hands early? Is that foretelling?)

    Will Dual-IS help sharpness on the long end? (even a little)
    How much faster is the focus vs v1?
    Are rumors of X-ray mode true? Can it see through walls, clothing, UV filters?

    Vitaliy, how soon are Hong Kong 'deals' available for new items like this?

  • Only 3 mentions on the II (v2, or Mark II) found so far:

  • @woody123 Thanks, found the second video most beneficial to my needs, just interested to find out how it behaves on tripod, and if there is any of the old problems associated with it on tripod, especially if you lock a shot off for a period of time.

  • another short review ('available soon' from above), a bit more in depth (with pics and video):

    not sold on the sharpness though, yet. ...need to see more.

    Perhaps the Dual-IS (Combo of new Power O.I.S.(v1 had Mega OIS) and IBIS)
    WILL help remove this from the tripods that were needed(recommended) for the v1 lenses.

    Review momentum starting to build, so far so good. ... need more.

  • I'm wondering if this MK11 version is made in Japan like the MK1, i tried looking in that PIP at the start but couldn't quite see. I'm generally shooting around f8-f13 so i'm not after sharpness wide open. I have had focus problems shooting video around f18-f20 if I didn't have ND's with me, but I suppose thats my fault. My main interest these days is shooting surfing, hence my wondering about how this mk2 version behaves on sticks, and also interested in the 100-400 lens. Thanks again for posting these vids, as I haven't seen a lot of motion examples. Cheers.

  • 100-300mm II vs. 100-400mm Small Test and Discussion.

  • I've made a video which compares the GH4 / 100-300mm with a GH5 / 100-300mm II.

    My conclusion: they may be optically identical, but the gh5 100-300mm II is far superior to the old combo. The new focus (works waaaaay better) in combination with the Dual IS2 makes a huge difference.

  • interesting about gh5+100-300m(1) I have 1 version, and thinking about upgrade to II

  • @guelinator

    Thanks, nice comparison.

    Is the GH5 so much brighter with same settings than GH4?

  • @vesku I really tried to match the settings, but they turned out different. i also read on another site, that the lenses are different, but the coating is new, which results in more contrast. maybe this, or some settings were different i were not aware. i will do a comparison of the two lenses on the gh5.

  • crop comparison 300mm.jpg
    900 x 900 - 204K