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Feature film shot on a smartphone to get theatrical release
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  • Interesting considering how so many get wound up over high bitrates is the only way to get a film shown on big screens.
    Goes to show that with the right mindset you can shoot with anything.
    Hopefully the films good also! ;-)
  • Nice images in that film. Although the discussion in the "making of..." above sounded like they'd left the mic in the box!

    From what you see of the shots, the story looks very heart-warming and I'd definitely go and see it.
  • What's the point really? If you have a budget for cranes and make-up and big fat lenses on 35mm adapters, why not use a better camera?
    It's not like anyone can say : i'm going to shoot a feature film on my smartphone, when you see the gear they're using.
  • @johnnym the point is that they are doing this to get a story out of it... 'gosh - that was shot on a cellphone!'

    Seems like the filmmakers are the real deal- and have probably been working hard without any 'story'. This gives it to them in spades. Can just see the papers now.. and looks like it has worked.

    Its akin to extreme ironing. They do it because they can. Next it will be: 'gosh- that was shot on a MacBookAir!'.
  • I agree with @Alacomposer the purpose kind of gets lost.
  • I think this is really misleading. people are gonna think it was shot using just that- a cellphone. but using prime lenses and ground glass inbetween really does not make it very interesting to me. its just as challenging as shooting on dv or anything, as long as theres no greenscreen involved.
  • Sounds like a gimmick. A one week run at a minor indie theater in West Hills is not what most people think of when they hear "theatrical release." But I wish them luck.
  • Haha. The guy had to hack his smartphone by himself for full manual control.

    A Korean movie director made a movie taken by iPhone. The crew had to use more gears than their usual cinema gears because iphones can't handle low light well.

    My point is that nothing is as easy as it seems.
  • I'm assuming @stonebat is referring to Chan-wook Park's (one of the directors I admire a lot) "Paranmanjang" or "Night Fishing" shot on iphone 4 with a budget of about 150000. He won at the Berlin festival.
  • Shooting a $500,000 movie with a cellphone? The world of PR Idiocracy has arrived and the guy's an idiot
  • One thing's for sure: he's wrong when he says they can make something absolutely mind blowing with a larger budget.

    It still looks bad on the phone, it'll still look bad with more.

    Anyone who gives these guys more money is just a bad business person.
  • @stefanos yes that's the guy.
  • Lots of bitching this here thread. Says it all.