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Marantz PMD561 4 channel audio recorder
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    • records to SDHC card
    • sturdy construction
    • build in condencer mikes
    • is able to record in WAV with 44.1, 48 or 96kHz, 16 or 24bits
    • MP3 bitrate from 32 to 192kbit/s
    • digital S/PDIF input
    • Two balanced mike/linear inputs XLR-1/4"m with phantom power option
    • big oled display with adjustable brightness
    • minijack input
    • 2x RCA output
    • USB 2.0 port
    • 2 AA batteries or AC brick power
    • up to 7 hours recording on batteries
    • $399 price


    665 x 695 - 67K
    727 x 407 - 53K
    512 x 707 - 63K