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55mm Canon F1.2 S.S.C, your experience ?
  • I just bought on ebay this lens.
    Wonder if any one had experience using it on GH2 ?
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  • I have. It is a fantastic 50mm, great colour and sharpness wide open. Bit expensive for what it does over the 50mm F1.4 FD though.
  • @EOSHD thank you.
    I can't wait to test it, bought it for EUR 229.50 (+ postage)
  • 55mm FD/1.2, I have this lens and it's just beautiful for what it is. I paid $200.00 for mine.

    If they made a 24mm version of it I'd be in heaven I tell you. Seriously good lens. Congrats on getting one.
  • @johnnymossville
    thank you,
    seraching youtube i just found this sample on GF1:

    This gives me an idea how it works, I like the shallow DOF ...
  • As with all fast lenses, any 50mm f1,2 would be soft when wide open.

    I have a Revuenon / Tomioka 55m f1.2. Legendary lens that gives amazing swirly bokeh and a 3d effect at 1.2
    It's a sophisticated lens that needs some mastering before you take it out for a serious spin.
  • It's quite excellent. :-) Did you beat @RRRR to this one ;-)
  • @driftwood, I highly doubt that.. :) (the one I've been looking at is not on ebay)
  • @driftwood , @RRRR :-)
    there is a ASPHERICAL model of Canon 55mm 1.2 SSC lens but to expensive ...
  • thats the one I have, the Aspherical.
  • @driftwood , the price tells quality , you happy (lucky) men :-)
  • @driftwood the difference on image quality between aspherical and "normal" must be huge ?
    any comparition ?
  • wow, this guy have a complete FD collection ...
  • I sold my collection! Even had those LTMs. Sorry dun like Canon colours
  • You built up a collection before you realised you didn't like them?
  • @itimjim
    It was one of those things. back then I didn't have the luxury of adaptors. If you wanted to try lenses from another maker, you've have to invest in whole new systems. So you'd start with one lens, then you try building up yr arsenal, since you've already made an initial decision to go with one system (back then, Canon was affordable you know). Am sure the guy's collection in the video was built along these lines. It was a good thing for me, in retrospect, cos it forced me to go deep with the little I had. Till of course I started to covet my friend's Leica.

    These days, with made in China adaptors, you get breadth, but not depth. If you want both, you gotta have shit loads of cash! Just the other day, I was looking at the Carl Zeiss ZF series of cine lenses. From 18mm to 85mm, altogether 6 lenses, well you won't want to know the price.

    Photography is an expensive hobby. You've got to have deep deep pockets my friend
  • It's a lovely lens and I shot it a lot with the GH1. I especially liked how organic the images looked with the GH1. This was shot with that combo sorry, it's quite stylized, I'll see if I can find the originals for you. The lens does flare quite easily wide open and I eventually replaced it with a 50mm AI-S f1.2.
  • @ikoniq
    thank you, so you recommend non S.S.C. version ?
    it flares less , right ?
  • I'd say it depends on how/what you shoot and the price that you can get it at. The 55mm f1.2 flares more than the 50mm f1.2 which had improved coatings.