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absolute cheapest 4k camera with zoom lens and unlimited rec time?
  • I'm looking for a the cheapest 4k camera that has a zoom lens and can be set/hacked to unlimited rec time. I want to set it up on a tripod for live shows, for personal and youtube use later on. thanks guys :)

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  • Can be Xiaomi m43 soon.

    Or NX500 if you can find their 72 minutes memory leak and make patch mod,

  • nx500 is a great value. +1.

  • The FZ1000 can be 'hacked' to have unlimited 4K (UHD) recording time. There's a method on Youtube about that, it's supposedly for changing PAL cameras to NTSC, and it apparently unlocks the 30 minute record limit in 4K mode only. I have this camera and have done this procedure and have used it for paying jobs without any problems.

  • JVC LS300 uses MFT lenses and can record entire SD card in one take, no hacks needed. JVC HM200 has built-in zoom lens, otherwise same as LS300. Super-cheap JVC HM170 - same as HM200, but no wireless streaming, no SDI output, just HDMI.

  • thanks guys! the time limit we see on so many cameras in europe these days is now being imposed even on most US cameras I guess?

  • GX85 get my vote, only $500-$600 on eBay w/the kit lens. Not sure if the PAL/NTSC hack is the same as the other Lumix cameras.

  • @fosterchen, I tried the hack on my G7 and it can record past 30 minutes now in 4K!!! That is just great. Thanks!

  • is G7 hack reversible? and is there any weird behaviour after the hack? if not, then indeed it is the cheapest 4k solution