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The Greatest Star Trek Episode of them all
  • See if you agree with the first part. Can you guess the winner?

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  • Why do you consider this question important at all?

    I mean except to get some views.

  • Because some of us enjoy talking about it. I do a little more than just a list. I show highlights, talk about why I think one episode is special.

    The next one will compare the influences that created the single greatest episode.

    1. Chauncy you're a horrible person [only half kidding] for titling a video "The Greatest Star Trek Episode of them All" and then finishing with a "Subscribe and come back next week and I'll really tell you which one I think is best". Click Bait!

    2. Balance of Terror - there are a lot of reasons why this one is the best but what really distinguishes it is that while many episodes tell you that Kirk is a great leader and a brilliant tactician this one really shows it. There is a sustained level of tension through out the episode and while, like so many TOS episodes, this is a Cold War parable, it doesn't hit you over the head with it.

    3. The lesson we should learn from watching ST: TOS is that story and imagination are king. People will forgive flaws in everything else: sets, wardrobe, special effects, props, cinematography, acting; so long as the story is compelling.

  • I will give you my choice in a few days. I hadn't planned on cutting it into two, but it got too long and I'd rather make two vids than one where I have to cut things to keep the length down.

    I did slide in a Part1..

  • The final choice is up. Crazy Pete, I agree. It was always my choice. There was no doubt.