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4K Photo solves many issues with video
  • I figured that using 4k photo feature I can shoot normal 4k 30P videos with many useful features which are lacking in normal video mode:

    • Auto iso in M
    • Auto iso upper limit (no more camera running easily to iso 6400)
    • Shows all exposure values in all modes
    • Changing PASM modes for video just turning mode dial
    • Different aspect ratios 1:1 4:3 3:2
    • Toggling video/photo camera just pressing FN-button (4kphoto on/off)
    • I can have more presets for video (PASM + C memories)
    • When playing video I can zoom in with any frame
    • Showing frame exif when extracting image from video

    I must test if the 4k photo has any drawbacks. Playing videos with camera is not so easy than with normal videos. The 4k video file is the same as normal mp4 100Mbs 30P video with levels 0-255. Cine profiles are not included but I use Natural anyway.

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  • Great! Now you can stop complaining about this all over the internet!

  • @aldolega

    Great! Now you can stop complaining about this all over the internet!

    Lets find some new camera features to improve :)

  • Video recording via 4k photo is also a way to have 4k 30P in PAL models.

  • You can try this method for this better:

  • I would think that there is no sound in the 4K photo mode.

  • Sound is OK with 4k photo. The video file is identical with normal 100Mbs 4k 30P MP4. No time limit other than EU 30min. AF is continuous all the time but manual focus and AF-ON replaces AFS.

    4k photo needs FW 2.5 in GH4.

  • Correction:

    No AFS.

    Audio is also always 128kb lossy format.

    EVF or screen is not showing constant preview in P,A,S so the screen brightness is not always the same as the recorded video before the recording starts.

  • @Vesku "Video recording via 4k photo is also a way to have 4k 30P in PAL models." The GH4 has both NTSC & PAL modes as standard. No need for any so-called "hack" or 4k photo mode.

  • @caveport

    I ment G7 and GX85.

    With GH4 4k photo is a quick way to change 25P/30P (if needed) without changing system freq and power off.

    For me the best 4k photo feature is seeing exposure values when composing a clip.

  • Will have a look at this when I get home. If this works - this is great.

  • On my Pal GX80 it only seems to work at 30p whilst using 4k photo mode. Anybody manage to get it to work at 25p/24p? The options are there but the file actually seems to be 30p whatever you select. This happens even though its a UK Pal camera and does not even have a 30p option to select.

  • 4k photo is always 30P in PAL and NTSC models.

    Yes it would be very nice to have those additional features like exposure information in normal video modes.

  • Alas this solves one problem and creates another...

    AutoISO = YES! And it shows the ISO value on screen with locked Aperture and Shutter. NICE. VLOG Profile, not available, nor 10bit HDMI Out.

    So close!!

  • @thetrickster

    The obvious solution would be to have all these basic exposure features in normal video modes. In some reason Panasonic has removed them from video modes.

  • 4k photo has different NR than normal video. The dark tones may also be different in 4k photo than in video. In my one test the 4k photo has little greener tone in high iso.

    4k photo has less NR in high iso which may be good if using post NR. The noise is not "ruined" with less sophisticated camera NR.

  • 4k photo has indeed so much more noise in high iso that it is not good for normal use. I dont understand how it can be better for still frames if the frames has much more noise?

  • Maybe the NR is applied after the still frame is selected. I don't use 4k photo mode as I shoot RAW for stills and manual control for all video settings. Panasonic camera NR is actually very good, not "ruined" as you so eloquently describe it.

  • I have compared noise with my GH4. I use always NR -5 with video. Even with NR-5 GH4 makes some noise reduction in video mode. There is a visible "noise net" living its own life and own "frame rate" when the camera moves. NR -5 with 4k photo looks like there is not at all NR. Noise is not changing when image moves. Maybe a very good post NR can remove this noise but I doubt.

    The camera NR (other than -5) is muddy and very blurred in dark tones.

  • Panasonic "4k photo" uses 4k video. AF in 4k video is very slow and unreliable especially in newer model G7, GX85 and G85. Also Panasonic has removed single autofocus AFS from 4k photo mode.

    How can we get sharp bursts of moving subjects with very slow AFC. How can we get sharp bursts of stationary subjects with no AFS?

    edit:I tested again and I was surprised that AFS works in "4k photo burst" mode but not in "4k photo start/stop" mode. Strange ?? Random features ??

    AFS works fine in normal video. Normal video has also less noise. Would it be better to use normal video for 4k photos?

    It is odd that Panasonic removes randomly usefull features from shooting modes??

    Any experiences? I think that not many are using 4k photo. Is it just a needless gimmick?