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12 bit and 10 bit RAW shooting with Magiclantern start to be feasible
  • I read a Magiclantern forum thread.

    It is starting to be feasible to record 12 bit and 10 bit on 5Dm2 and EOSM. It could be read here:
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  • Wow. Hopefully on 50D as well..This will allow 2K recording on a 7 year old camera..

  • I"ve been trying with my 50D but I get magenta frames on the three available bit depths and every even numbered frame repeating frame zero over and over ... hoping they can get everything worked out

  • Their test bed is 5D mark 2 and EOS M generation 1. If they could make it on the popular 550D/Canon Rebel T2i, then it would be a good 10 bit RAW camera with crop factor of 1.6-1.7 when using 3x5 pixel binding and 2.39:1 aspect ratio.

    I will get a 550D since some report said that 12 bit RAW works.
  • @yskunto

    Isn't 550D really slow writing to card?

  • Yes, 21MB/Sec I think. They try to implement 12 bit and 10 bit to bypass slow sd card limitation that the hunger for speed 14 bit needed. It is also meant to reduce the need for high capacity sd card as well. That is what they said.

  • This is not good..

    The DMA channel is configured for 14-bit image size, we only copy 12-bit (or 10-bit) data from it, and what happens with the excess data... Canon knows.

    So they are not mapping 14 bits to 12 or 10. All they are doing is dropping a part of the data. Whats the point..

  • My bad - first thread is the assembly routine. It is compression

  • I still cannot find a second-hand 550D in my neighborhood. So still not able to give a first-hand impression

    But the magiclantern guys keep in making progress. More people report that their 5D2 now is able to record at 12 bit and with audio. It means they gain more resolution with less bitrate.
  • They are progressing:

    Now the 600D, EOS-M, 5D3, 700D, 650D have move forward in 12 bit (10 bit) RAW recording.
  • So 2.39:1 - 1824x764 for Eos-M, 650D and 700D will be feasible with 10-bit recording.. pretty good

  • With the same card writing speed, does it mean that higher resolution is possible with 10/12bit instead of 16bit raw? I really look forward to shoot raw video of higher resolution with 5D3 and I will sell my 1DC.

  • with 5D3 I think so yes, but in crop mode, so you you lose the benefits of the full sensor. It will give you more recording time in 1080p however. This is all still in development stage though, so I'd wait until they have it in the daily official firmware release

  • Per my calculations, 2.7k video in crop mode at 12 bit raw up to 30p is possible on 50d. This gives 2x vs 3x crop on sensor

    Just wish the sync beep on video start was enabled for 50d in ml menu :-(

  • 2.2K at 10-bit RAW

    > Max continuous recording raw_rec Continuous recording with 2208x1242 or smaller resolutions at 30fps. >

    On 5D3 - 50D has similar speed CF card controller I believe.

  • One might think they would be able to use the the inbuilt Raw reduction algorithms for MRAW and SRAW to record smaller files for raw video using the canon cr2 format for the frames someday. No doubt the people building Magic Lantern are definitely geniuses though.