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GH2 hack Ptool and set's
  • Hello guys, I am using my GH2 for 2 years and every time i decided to change hack I have the same question in my head. Ultra stupid question but... At least I have to ask somebody! Please tell me what is all about the set's we click in the PTool? What do these responsible for? Can I jump between hacks without uploading a new one with these sets or every single set is "just" the list of things "how to do" for my camera?

    Yes I know it's ultra stupid, but I feel big discomfort with this topic.

    Big thanks in advance.


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  • Hello Vitaliy, Already read plenty times incl Ptool Faq either and still no answer better than "they are just a settings we can save". I am probably yo dumb to understand this ;/ :(

  • Settings are software settings, just made for you to prepare new firmware easy and fast. You can't select them on camera.

  • Thank You. So it works as I though. Thank You so much. We can delete the topic?