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Storage/stacking solution for portable ext. drives
  • I have approx 8 portable hard drives for use by freelancers on various shoots/edits. standard 2.5 inch drives in enclosures - all approx 8 x 12 x 1.5 cm does anyone know of a stationary holder or some sort of desktop furniture which i could use to store them in whilst in use/running, they all run into the MacPro via an Anker USB hub
    be great if i could stack them in some sort of rack mount, at moment they are scattered across my desk top in a bit of a mess!

    *found this - need something similar but smaller

    500 x 500 - 22K
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  • I've used a CD rack to hold hard drives. Use empty CD case as an adjustable shelf.

    600 x 600 - 82K
  • Thats a pretty good idea, thanks