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Personal View needs your help to make community lab
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  • I am now getting last parcels for Russian lab. Soon will be getting some new equipment for precise monitors panels performance testing and high frequency PWM modulation testing.

    Soon will write more detailed separate post about spectrometer and it's usage in testing.

    We still need your support to reach our spectrometer goal!

  • Very good, thank you.

  • Sent ,thanks vk

  • Donated; thanks for all the hard work, VK & PV.

  • @sammy @tfinn

    Thank to you both. It is our task now to show you all equipment that we have in action.

  • I learn a lot from Personal View, thanks vitaliy kiselev.

  • I also got next batch of equipment on weekend. Mostly intended to be able to measure monitor panels response time as well as light flicker (and corresponding PWM modulation). Still lot of small things must come and some solder work and procedures implementation ahead.

  • Sent some funds... thx

  • Thanks to all who donated.

    We have 67 donations, $655 now ( excluding fund that went to first two items).

    Thanks to all who already helped or just have intention to do so soon.

    Lets reach our spectrometer goal - $750+$60 shipping + 8% (2x4%) fees expenses!

    We are very close!

  • Great Work :)

  • We start slowly use thermal camera for videos, will be improving soon, as it'll be made for each light

    Other advanced things to follow soon. So, make sure to donate, as without you it won't be possible.

  • Our new thing - compact monochromator


    800 x 538 - 48K
  • We need to push up a little here.

  • Did not get money for spectrometer yet as donations slowed very much, so it is not obtained yet.

    Almost all lab equipment is bought, tested. But may add some to other places.

    In final form it'll be Russian, German, UK and US lab branches.

    Must start work at better speed after NAB.

  • vk where is the donate button when viewing on phone ?

  • @sammy

    Switch to full version (there is link for it).

    Otherwise take too much space, so disabled, need to make some small version.

  • Some update on spectrometer, we did't get it still.

    Used provided portable spectrometer for NAB and CineGear, I'll publish all results in July.

    All funds are intact, but we are still more than $100 short.