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  • What we did last month

    • Started making independent field monitor panels measurements, 2 monitors measured, more to follow
    • Started measuring AC consumption, measurement of NP batteries powered DC consumption coming later
    • Started measuring light luminous emittance, flicker, you'll find first results in reviews soon.
    • Started measuring led lights spectrum, CRI and such, you'll find first results in reviews soon.
    • Will start measuring detailed temperature readings of led lights this month as they can cause degradation and show quality, both contact and IR way.

    Why we ask you for support

    • We need your support to get some testing equipment now (want to get thermal camera and spectrometer for PV test laboratory).
      • We reached first goal - thermal camera, thanks to all members.
      • We reached second goal - light intensity meter and thermocouple
      • All is going to spectrometer now
    • We need your support to form small review fund to get non expensive items for tests, get and test them on members request and sell.
    • If you have some gear and want us to make review, you can contact me by PM.
    • Let us know the gear and specific tests you want to see, you can post in this same topic


    • PV does not have ads, "sponsors" or any such crap injecting stuff. We are here for you, not for ads.
    • We even do not have auto playing video ads what became trend in last few months. :-)
    • Each month we pay for dedicated server hosting and it this sum is not small, and additional daily backup located outside of hoster network (for safety).
    • We don't have big team to support site. No admins, paid moderators, etc. All this time is invested in keeping this community alive.
    • Remember to support regularly, even with very small amounts, if you are in economic trouble.

    Where we are going:

    • We are making gear reviews and slowly improving in it - Neway unpacking came, few PV new reviews coming soon, few members reviews also
    • We are improving our deals and will add new partners and good items soon - expect new Fotga, new monitors, new Skier items this month
    • We'll also have some software updates focusing on new features and becoming more tablet and mobile friendly - work is being done in this regard, moving slowly.
    • We have new video contests coming - working on this with few manufacturers.
    • Stay tuned.

    We need your help, remember to donate using orange Donate button above this page!

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Done...Thanks VK I have learned a ton from your site...

  • Just donated. If you're able to donate, let's keep up the support for Vitaliy and Personal-View community and website.

    Thanks for the great work you're doing @Vitaliy_Kiselev - keep rocking!

  • Just donated - very well worth the cause and to keep this community alive!

  • just donated,

    and many thanks for that really great work


  • Done. Thanks for your job

  • @davjd


    We have 18 donations now, at around $250.

    Almost reached first goal.

    Note that paypal fees plus their currency conversion also take not small cut - around 6-7% total.

  • Thanks to Andy donation we also reached second goal.

    So all donations now go to spectrometer.

    What kind of spectrometer we want to get and why?

    Min approach

    • X-Rite i1 Pro 2 spectrometer, used most probably
    • 3.5nm-10nm resolution (first is high res noisy mode)
    • IR is cut by filter, models without UV cut exist, but not sure if filter is absent in ambient mode.

    Max approach

    • Toshiba CCD sensor based, 3648 pixels spectrometer for high resolution, may be settle on cheaper 2048 one
    • 3nm and below resolution
    • We want to be see part of IR and UV spectrum, not visible part only

    Spectrometer allow to measure spectrum for many purposes, for example:

    • led and fluo lights spectrum allows you to say about their quality
    • measurement of filter transmission spectrum allows you to say about IR contamination and color shifts
    • you can do also transmission measurements with lenses
    • measurement of monitor primaries spectrums is also useful
  • I started lights FAQ section

    As we'll have reviews up and such I'll add PV specific parts and more useful info.

  • This is very good. Thank you.

  • We have 22 donations, $10 now (after transfer for two first goals - $280 + $50).

    Thanks to all who helped.

    Remember, if you are in EU and want us to test something (like your light or monitor) you are welcome.

  • We have 23 donations, $25 now (with reduction of two first goals items).

    Thanks to all who already helped or just have intention to do so soon.

    Added more stuff at

    Remember to keep supporting us, as spectrometer is one of the main lab tools.

  • As max option are looking at something like this


    • Wavelength range: 380~780nm(300~950nm), FWHM: 2nm, Spectral resolution: 0.2nm
    • Sensor: CCD with 3648pix
    • Integration time: 50μs~20000ms
    • Stray light: <0.1%
    • Illuminance range: 5~200000lx
    • Zero calibration: automatically self calibration
    • LCD screen: 5inch high definition IPS capacitive touch screen
    • Size is one Iphone 6S
    748 x 391 - 36K
  • We have 26 donations, $70 now.

    Thanks to all who already helped or just have intention to do so soon.

    Two first goals items bough and on the way to us. I'll post photos as we'll get them.

    You can also check short take about lux meters

  • just sent some stamina. the hours we've spent (& the ones we will spend) here, avoiding expenses for beers, really worth everyone's donation.

  • Once more unto the breach, dear friend, once more...

  • Just donated some buck$ too.. it's worth every penny :) Best community also..

  • Thanks for a great site VK. Good luck with the lab

  • Came fresnel photo (some time passed):


    Camera itself



    Sent you PM

    480 x 640 - 83K
    480 x 640 - 87K
    800 x 571 - 50K
    800 x 779 - 58K
  • Looking forward to this, donation made and thanks for running the site.

  • Our Germany lab multimeter (lux meter and thermocouple included) arrived also


    800 x 513 - 55K
  • Great work sir. Thank you

  • Donated. Thank you!

  • Thank you for everything VK. Donated =)