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Question for timelapse photographers
  • Hello everyone,

    I'm working on my graduation project, I want to create the following, and I'd like to hear how you think about it;

    "A mobile app, with information about how to make the best timelapses, using any technique (1080p, 4k, HDR, stereoscopic 3d etc) with tips and tricks for the settings."

    It will not be an app that makes the timelapse, nor will it be an app that tells you exactly which settings to use; it should be more of a reference work, a helping hand.

    Now I'm trying to use the design thinking method to build this idea, so that's why I need opinions. What do you guys think? Is it worth working on? What do you think should definetely be included or excluded? I'm thinking about an app because I suppose it's nice to have it with you when you're shooting a timelapse, but maybe that's a wrong assumption?

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  • @MischaB

    Thing that I see here is typical student behavior, as you register on forums and want to save time by getting free advice. I suggest to do your own homework and ask only very specific questions after you made most of the work.

  • Vitaliy, I understand your concern, let me explain. I'm not looking for free advice, I'm looking for opinions from people. I can do a lot of research first, design and later build prototypes, only to find out that nobody would use it. That's the reason I'm using the research method; Design Thinking. It's sort of rapid prototyping, where you try to get feedback on ideas as soon as you start. You build with a very close line to the user, instead of testing it at the end. (And thus save a lot of time doing useless research)

    Now if you're saying that I need to try to be more clear on my idea, I can try to do that. Then again, as I just said, I need to test the simple idea first, and in my opinion my first post was as simple as it gets.

  • @MischaB

    Again, you think you are first with such approach. You are not. I know students too well :-)

    As I said - make your homework, make first prototype with something really working and return. I think you know famous saying - there ain't no such thing as a free lunch, so do not try to get one.

  • Oh wow, I'm really hoping you just don't understand me.

    First prototype in this case is the idea as I explained in the topic. I think it's weird that I can't ask for the opinion of people on a forum where people can discuss things...

  • I'm sure people will be happy to help you but you need to at least make the first draft. As is you give us nothing to give you an opinion on. As for the basic idea for people who are doing TimeLapse already probably of little value. That being said for people new to topic it maybe of interest. I do temper this with it sounds more like an article than an app. The world does not need an app for everything.

  • @MischaB

    First prototype in this case is the idea as I explained in the topic. I think it's weird that I can't ask for the opinion of people on a forum where people can discuss things...

    It is you who not understand few basic things. If you had been member of forum who posted topic with real details about his new idea it is one thing. If you come to various forums and ask people who are years into topic to give you free advice on just rough draft idea told in few words it is not good, as you want them to do your homework for you.

  • Okay so here is a sketch I just made from the possible structure from the tool. Hopefully this gives you guys more information and clearification about the idea? It should be easy to use, with lots of usefull information. The 3rd region of the sketch; settings, might be different depending on the technique.


    And @Scot, I was thinking about an app because I think it's nice to have with you while shooting, could you explain why you'd rather see it different?

    sketch tool structure.jpg
    3919 x 2439 - 1M
    sketch tool structure copy.jpg
    735 x 458 - 77K
  • If you are doing this as a school project than it doesn't really matter as long as the app works.

    If you ask me - I wouldn't use this "app" because it's basically like an interactive PDF about time lapse... Most of it you don't need to have a reference for. Maybe a checklist but that's personal.

    But that's just my opinion. It's very easy to look stuff up online and not very difficult to remember when you are doing time lapses... It's not brain surgery!!!

  • I think it's pretty interesting that @scotchtape and @scot both state that you don't see the point of this idea as an app. I think that's already kind of worthy feedback.

    The thing about finding it online, and maybe that's just me, is that in the past years I've found so many tutorials on how to use different techniques for different timelapses, but I havent found a website or book or whatever which is complete. Sure, some are complete if you're talking about a standard timelapse, but then HDR is missing, or hyperlapse.

  • Yes but they are very "simple" techniques in theory. Of course doing it is complicated but the basic concept is simple.

    Anyways it's just my opinion. Like i said, if it's for programming class then anything goes as long as it works!