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50mm 1:1.2 Fujinon lens (AX Fujica mount) on Panny GH1... it's possible.
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    Will go for sale on fee-Bay soon, have to work on that critical screw a bit.


    1) Don't try it at home unless you know what you are doing.
    2) The base for that hack is the Kiwi MFT <--> AX adapter. Except that it does not work, mine does (after the little modding).
    3) This is REAL 1:1.2 lens, not the... Tomioka which is only NOMINALLY 1:1.2 (did you notice that the back of Tommy Miau Oka is manually cut?)
    4) Did not try it yet against the wal texture, just did it today. Actually, my car mechanic did it.
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  • hey there, i'm interested in modding such adapter to manually change aperture on fuji x lenses for m4/3 cameras. did someone else try this before? (as @Krolik doesn't seem to be around anymore).

  • Hello, this is actually quite easy. I have a similar lens like the lens above. My lens is a Fuji X-Fujinon EBC 50mm f/1.2. I bought the Kiwifotos adapter back in the day of Amazon For Nex and M4/3, it might still be the only option. Out of the box the adapter is useless as it does not push the aperture pin.

    What I found out works best is to put a small elastic band on the aperture pin and the rear protector sticking out by the aperture pin to hold it in place.

    I got one of these orthodontic elastic bands of eBay:

    These are tiny but high quality and they've been serving me well for over a year, I haven't changed on any Fuji lens yet. Should have supply for many lifetimes in a bag like that. The good thing is that you put them on the lens, so you can easily change between different adapters, the band stays clear of the adapter so it can just be left on the lens.

  • @haavard, thanks a lot for all the details, this is really helpful! i'll get the adapter from amazon soon and try this elastic band trick! the kiwifotos one seems to be the only option.

    do you have some footage from your fujinon 50mm 1.2? how much do you like it?

  • I'm just posting from my phone at the moment, so I don't have anything handy to show just now. I'm quite happy with the lens, but I've done more photography on my Sony Nex than video, which intended to use it for. It does have a bit of character like some vintage f/1.2 lenses often have, but it's quite sharp even wide open. If you check out duke of the samples on this thread to will see a bit of the character of the out of focus areas:

  • theses pictures are sharp! and i like the bokeh, this lens might be quite useful in lowlight situations.