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Nikon J1 exposure bracketing
  • Gentlemen, does anyone know whether it is possible to add exposure bracketing function to Nikon J1(or any Nikon 1) firmware? It is so much frustrating that none of Nikon 1 series cameras is equipped with exposure bracketing while they have very smooth and high-speed shutter. Obviously, Nikon designers did not want competition for their high products. Though, I assume, this function is purely missing due to the circumsized firmware. Is it possible to have Nikon 1 shoot exposure bracketing?

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  • Also taking into account creating HDR images through exposure fusion of bracketed RAWs, this feature would be a real gem, taking the whole series to the next level.

  • No one is hacking Nikon 1.

    And as I understand Nikon will officially done the series in 2017.

  • Rumors. Even if they do so, they release users from fears of filing warrnty obligations. Moreover we are free to experiment at our own risk.