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any mechanical remote trigger (DIY ?) out there?
  • problem is I have a remote trigger but my Sony cameras only have one MULTI connection and I am looking for a solution to remote trigger my camera AND do tethering to my Surface 4. would be cool to have this kind of setup for a wedding photo booth. the idea is to give the people the trigger and tell them to just push the button and have the Surface book in reach or even in sight (if it does not draw the attention away) of the people who take photos of themselves. but it is either the remote trigger or the connection to the Surface book. so I was thinking of a shutter device that mechanically pushes the button, ok, choosing between single and continuous shoot mode will only be possible with the remote but I could live with one picture for each pressing of the button...what do you think? any solution or any other ideas? thanks guys!

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  • Any Bluetooth remote for Surface programmed using any automation software to relocate mouse or press certain key in tethering soft.

  • thanks! that is the solution for me! now I just need a remote that has just 1-2 buttons. can those ( trigger a key in the tethering software?

  • It is camera remotes, not computer ones.

  • Sorry for being stupid but could you maybe post a link to one remote suitable for the Job?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev still don't know which remote to buy... would love your help/suggestion too many buttons and too big would ruin the idea though, I want wedding people to have a simple 2-3 button remote...those are not able to assing keys/shortcuts to, right?

  • As I said, any wireless remote working in PID mode will do.

    Just look for ones that can drive Powerpoint or emulate mouse.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I ordered this one from ByMac Inventions: REMOTE ALL - remote control ANY camera Sounds so good but they never delivered or...shipped. It has been over a month now. So I am back to my original search... A remote that can drive Powerpoint or emulate a mouse you say...well, but if it emulates a mouse and my mouse needs to stay in one fixed position so that the cursor is exactly over the trigger button in the software then any kind of movement will move the mouse. And that won't work. I am not familiar with Powerpoint remotes but it'd need to be one that emulates the click of a mouse and can lock the mouse cursor in it's place or have no control over mouse movent at all, just the buttons...