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Sony A7S III - Possible leak
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    English translated:

    "【Suspect Sony a7S III specifications parameters ahead of exposure】 Beta to get a suspected Sony a7S III specifications parameters of the screenshots, and now share to you. The new machine will use 15 million pixel level BSI-CMOS with LSI, adjustable IR Filter can also be used as adjustable electronic ND filter, native ISO 100-102400, the maximum ISO is 409600, with 3-inch 1.2 million point flip LCD screen , Support 4: 2: 2 8bit 4K video recording."

    This is a rumor.

    1280 x 817 - 273K
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  • Well, Sony adjustable electronic ND is best that happened to video for last few years.

    By idea must be in each and every video oriented camera , as well as offered as screw on filters. But patents...

  • A 15 or 16-megapixel sensor seems not to make any sense. That doesn't seem like enough for full-res APS-C 4K and I can't imagine that there have been a bunch of people lining up to say "Sure, I like the A7s, but I wouldn't buy it unless it had at least 15 megapixels..." It seems like they could either keep it at 12 megapixels and reduce noise at ISO 80,000+ a little more - or jump to whatever resolution would enable 4K in crop mode and try to keep similar noise at high speed.

    A built-in variable ND filter would be amazing, though.

  • By idea must be in each and every video oriented camera , as well as offered as screw on filters. But patents...

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev do you know of any screw on Variable Electronic ND's? I can't find one!

  • Just made big project using a7sii. It gets overheated after 45-50 minutes indoor, and 5-6 minutes outdor at 30 celsius degrees. Bult in ND is great thing but if this cam will overheat as fast as a7sii, it just will not usable for many projects.

  • @1917 I thought that overheating only happened if using internal recording? Can't you use HDMI recorder to bypass overheating? (I know it's not always possible)

  • @alcomposer only for one shooting day i use old a7s recording on pix-e5 in 4k, and there was no any problem. But other days i use a7sii recording 4k on sd card, and it was oweheated every time. Unfortunately it was not possible to use external recorder for all project time.

  • @1917 I have been thinking lately that a7sii and a7rii really are like a modular video camera system, in as much as they need external HDMI recording for long video use.