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Panasonic G6: overexposes 1 to 2 stops
  • I am still using 2 good old G6 for a documentary project, but I have an issue (not new) with it. When I choose the exposure through the viewer and it looks fine to me, the result, after transfering to the computer, is an overexposure of 1 to 2 stops easily. Is there anyway to control what the viewer indicates me, so I can do the right exposure straight away? I am using only primelenses (Nokton 25mm, SLR 17.5, Takumar 85mm), so I have the ... "shoot without lens" button selected in G6 menu. Thanks for helping.

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  • Monitor and EVF are adjustable for brightness, contrast/saturation and color balance.

    Adjust it all at first part.

    And check this topic