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JVC LS300 - how does it compare with the C100?
  • anyone shot with both and have any thoughts? I've got the Olympus 2.8 12-40 & 40-150 and some Voigtlanders/Canon FD's I can use with it, looking at the LS300 mainly cos i need a 4K cam for the social media (square frame) type projects where i can blow up the image a bit, used the C100 and the AF101 on projects and clients have been happy with both but the AF101 stuff was mainly studio/controlled lighting whilst the C100 stuff is more run and gun, which I'd be looking to use the LS300 for.

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  • Go for the LS300! It is one of the under appreciated gems right now. But it seems that those who do buy it are very happy with it.

  • I'm v happy with LS300, no help comparing though.

  • Does seem to be a very under appreciated cam @Ironfilm and cheers for all the info the other day @belfryman ! likely i'll be investing in one very soon

  • It's a bloody bargain I reckon. I want the FS5 for the ND but can't justify the extra money in any other way, specially having a bunch of 4/3 lenses.