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Defishr or ProDRENALIN ?
  • $99 vs $49

    Why to choose Defishr?

    • Fully automatic fisheye distortion correction solution for video
    • Defishr adjusts tilt, shift and zoom to correct the perspective distortion
    • Optimized presets for GoPro, CamOne, Vado, Contour and other cameras
    • Works with any lens/camera combination
    • Calibrator allows to create custom camera profiles
    • Manual adjustment options

    Why to choose ProDRENALIN?

    • Fully compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras and other action cameras
    • ProDRENALIN automatically corrects fisheye and perspective distortion
    • Rolling-shutter correction
    • De-noising – ProDRENALIN effectively removes random image sensor noise and sharpens the video with 3 quality options
    • Stabilizes GoPro video with award-winning stabilization technology
    • Easy to use color correction, brightness and contrast adjustment tools
    • Batch processing capability
    • Support for 4K and 2.7K videos
    • Imports profiles from proDAD Defishr

    Has anyone have real life examples to which application to pick?

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  • FYI, $69.99 best price I could find as of today.

    1174 x 410 - 48K