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Any tips on getting this look?
  • If you don't know the show I recommend it. The Night Of has a great credits intro. I know some is slowed down and is mainly a slider. But how do you think it could be replicated in editing? The things I like are the uneven moving light and the snowflake effect going on. I assume they used a plugin and was wondering how I might get at least 90% of the look in post and does anyone recommend any plugins.

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  • Looks like just particle effects with some simple text manipulation. You could simulate the frame movement by just zooming in post a bit and panning the frame.

    Here is a link to some free 720p particle effects you can play with:

    The text manipulation could probably be done pretty easily in any compositing program.

  • Text is not hard, yep. Can be done in Xara and imported in any editor, for example. It appears via animated transparency gradient.

  • Thanks, especially for the particle link, I thought i would have to pay for a plugin to get that effect. Yeah I wasn't really thinking about the text, more the grading.

    I think this might help me get some of the look or I could probably do it myself in FCPX but the thing I can't see to do is the light movements on the shots (not the text) There is a kind of flicker and movement of the light....maybe a light leak plugin?

    Its subtle though but without it the images would almost be photographs. Look at the second shot of the stairs because its very obvious in that shot, the way the light moves in the shot....maybe done in camera?

  • Those light movements are almost surely done with actual lights! Would be extremely hard to do that in post.

  • @Joethepro I don't know man, its possible. The stairs shot is a time lapse it seems so I can see how light could rapidly change in that shot. BUT other shots its looks like post....The shot with the cat is in slow mo but the light is moving around...could be some kind of flickering light (neon strip light) in the shot but again I would more likely guess at post. The very first shot has some kind of light leak going on all looks like post.

    These days you can do anything in post, I don't expect to do it myself but use some plugins. There are tons which 'could' of got this affect but i don't know which one would do the job I'm after.

    *But if it is done in camera any ideas? Maybe purposely setting the camera wrong would give flickering in some light situations?

  • Yah some look like actual lights, others do look like exposure masks or something in post. The flickering could be done with some qualifiers on the highlights and then just keyframing some exposure changes?

  • There are a lot of different techniques being used in the video. Lights, glow filters, overlay clips, animated exposures and masks. My method is to play around and try things. I NEVER ask others how to do an effect. I create my own from my analysis of what I see.