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Fashion Film - GH4 - VLog - Ninja Assassin
  • Hello. This project was all filmed with a (sometimes 2) GH4, almost all in V-Log recorded to a Ninja Assassin (the 2nd when used was recording to a Video Assist). In the link bellow there's a section named "Autor", there you can vote in the film for a prize in a festival and you also have a link to watch the film on Vimeo.

    We used a lot of lenses, from Voigtlander and Panasonic to Samyang with SpeedBooster XL, passing through some Chinon and Fujian 25mm C-Mount, allways with SLR Magic anamorphic adapters, we wanted the unsqueezed look.

    Have a look.

    PS: the aerial footage was done with a Phantom 3