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FS: Pilotfly H2 With Two Hand Holder
  • Selling my Pilotfly H2 with Two Hand Holder at the link below.

    Willing to sell directly through Paypal for $1,000.

    I've had the gimbal for two months, and it is absolutely in like new condition. I am only missing the manual to the Two Hand Holder. Everything else is there. Total run time is about 30 minutes. I really only film my family for home videos. The reason I am selling is because I have moved to smart phone gimbals as it's a better fit for me personally.

    5312 x 2988 - 2M
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  • Hi Elaw

    I'm looking at purchasing a new gimbal and was considering the H2 for a sony A7s and possibly the FS5. What were your experiences with it? Especially in the two handed mode?

    Any feedback appreciated.

    Thanks Michael