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After hack - buttons acting strange
  • Well I finally hacked my own GH2 mix and installed it. Looking very nice at a 55high, 42avg, 35low setting for average stuff and a higher 75mbit top for very high detail. Working well with no stops or freezes so far on a new transcend class 10 32 gb card.

    Odd thing is though, suddenly my white balance button and and iso button don't work and go to focus set up when I hit them, even though I have everything set to manual... I can change the other hard function buttons but I can't seem to get the white balance button to work as it should (go to white balnce menu) nor the iso hard button. I am having to use the touch screen which I don't care for.

    Anyone on how I fix this?

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  • Try to reset all settings.
  • That did it. Thanks.
  • I reset all settings whenever I apply a patch. Just to be safe.
  • yeah I was a little scared there for a moment. Thought I could manually set the WB and ISO buttons back but it seems you can't. Only the reset worked. Wow I'm getting some phenomenal picture quality my only issue is getting the GH2s sharpness and aliasing down and white balance closer to my GH13 so I can use them for multicam shoots.
  • GH3 is going to have phenomenal AWB as GX1. If AWB does fairly good job, I hope there is a way to save it as a custom WB into 1/2/3/4 slot. Then apply same settings on other bodies.
  • Right but that isn't going to help me get closer to the gh13.... There's SOMETHING about the gh13 I still like - the lack of insane aliasing on edges that I am having a hard time getting on GH2...
    for many things I can intercut them but some I have been having a lot of difficulty.... colors and sharpness way off.
  • The GH1 seems to have a greener overall color cast than the GH2. Here's the best match I've found for Film Mode and White Balance settings on both cameras:

    Smooth Film Mode
    Contrast: -2
    Sharpness: -2
    Saturation: -1
    Noise Reduce: -2

    White Balance: Sunlight
    On GH1 only, set M-5

    For incandescent lighting, I set 2700K color temperature, with M-5 on both GH1 and GH2.
  • @blackout Skip GH2. You too picky :)
  • @Blackout I went into the [Custom]menu and turned off Direct Focus Area..that was the culprit I discovered when the same happened to me.
  • @stonebat
    >Skip Gh2. You too picky :)

    Skip 170mb/s spanning? You kid me sir! ;P
  • Shhhh. Maybe he doesn't know yet.
  • Skip GH2 and wait for another year for GH3 and hack and stability? Normally I would say sure but when the bodies with lens came at b&h for $799 I said why not.... just trying to make them match as best I can. They each have strengths for certain things...
  • I was j/k. Thats not a bad idea at all.
  • Some of the tests I'm seeing is that Nostalgic is holding up the best, any opinions?
  • @driftwood there seems to be a renewed interest in film colour modes... wasn't it proven that Nostalgic gives the greatest DR? (on DPreview or similar??).

    I know that since then - many film modes have been examined - and tested- with various degrees of success (not specifically scientific). I for one have gotten a bit slack and just stuck it on Nos, with
    Contrast: 0
    Sharpness: -2
    Saturation: -1
    Noise Reduce: -1

    (I could be wrong...) But it makes my life a bit easier... ( I am thinking of going back to everything -2)
  • I am still using smooth I will play with nostalgic but it looked way off from my GH13
  • @alcomposer I prefer nostalgic -2 all ...but smooth also seems to be pretty good for DR...
  • yep, as @No_SuRReNDeR says nost -2 all, seems particularly good and is the one Ive been using mainly.
  • @driftwood But dosen't nostalgic give you a yellow-ish tint?
  • @x_worpig_x I usually shift the white balance in the white balance adjust feature vector control to correct it slightly... for me its left +2 up +3--- Looks great very flat and easy to grade...

    Or use smooth you may find you like it more but IMO it doesnt have quite as much DR.
  • @No_SuRReNDeR Looks great!. Thanks for the tip.
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