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Neway CK1014S, 10" 3840x2160, IPS, HDMI 2.0 and 3G-SDI, monitor
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    • 10.1’’ IPS Panel
    • 3840x2160 Resolution, 400cd/m² Brightness, 1500:1 contrast
    • 3G-SDI, HDMI 2.0 (supports 4K 60Hz), Displayport 1.2 (supports 4kp60), DVI-I (DVI-D, VGA).
    • 25mm thick, light and slim Design
    • Quad View - Support 4 views splitted from 4 different input signals simultaneously.
    • Features: Over Scan, Peaking, False Color, Freeze, Center Marker, Image Flip, Markers.
    • 252x157x25mm
    • 600g
    • Included are:
      • Folding sun shade cover
      • Battery plate(F-970,QM91D,DU21 or LP-E6) with bracket
      • 12V DC adapter
      • HDMI A/C cable
      • DVI to VGA connector
      • Shoe mount
      • Manual

    Available now.

    Price: $699 $568 intro price
    Shipping: Price already includes express shipping for US/Canada/UK/Australia&NZ/Western Europe. Contact for any other regions.
    I want to buy this monitor.


    800 x 303 - 42K
    800 x 436 - 52K
    777 x 645 - 43K
    632 x 400 - 38K
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  • Wow! Finally monitor I had been waiting for.

  • Looks interesting, I wish it had an HDMI 2.0 (pass-through) output though.

  • @davedv

    Here focus is mostly in ability to get feed from multiple cameras. Actually you have 3 ports where you can connect simple HDMI output cameras without any active adapters (DVI just requires different cable or $2 adapter). And HDMI to SDI and DisplayPort converters are also cheap.

    I think it is cool to have such ability doing interviews.

  • This looks good VK. Thanks

  • Must be almost perfect for 4K cameras.

  • Turn that HDMI 1.4 input into a HDMI output and have it cross convert with the SDI input and output and the thing is perfect.

  • Turn that HDMI 1.4 input into a HDMI output and have it cross convert with the SDI input and output and the thing is perfect.

    Well, perfect for you, may be.
    As I said this thing is designed with specific intentions and having extra HDMI input is really important for it.

  • Our unboxing and very brief overview

  • Looks good. Hope for review soon.

  • PV Lab report, Part 1, Panel measurements

    Gamut with default 50 saturation (limited by software), gray triangle - sRGB/Rec709 primaries


    Gamut if you go out of default setting for saturation, gray triangle - sRGB/Rec709 primaries


    690 x 556 - 69K
    683 x 553 - 68K
  • Luminance color curves (after slight user adjustment of RGB)


    800 x 371 - 37K
  • PV Lab report, Part 2, Monitor induced delay

    Camera in preview mode, default and peaking, 50-60ms


    Camera in recording mode, default and peaking, 50-60ms


    800 x 513 - 55K
    800 x 524 - 55K
  • I would love to see the splitscreen in action as I am shooting 3-4 camera live sessions. This would be helpful.

  • @TimTomTum

    I hope we'll have this in final video.

  • Cool thanks!

  • Functions overview