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Fed. We need money to live.
  • As you may know US already passed top debt barrier.
    They just moved all new amounts to Debt Not Subject to Limit :-)
    Love this motherfuckers.

    Now, Fed plans for June.


    Especially one day will be fun. $234 billions in a day.
    Fuck Greece. Serious people are making this fucking world new big trouble.
    Do not stand on their way.

    During their making they caused big troubles in one of the last countries that produces anything other than offices and paper - Belarus.
    But we'll come to detailed discussion about this operation slightly later.
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  • I am aware of this and have been tracking it. I have a few good videos on it on my web site htt:// under the "financial awareness" section but for the newbs who have no idea how the money system works I would recommend a short little cartoon called "money as debt".

    Also an excellent picture is "inside job" available on netflix.

    There are various theories that the ones at the top of this ponzi scheme are going to crash the world economy.... whether you believe it on purpose or not doesn't really matter.

  • Remember though don't blame the United States.. it's the private banks... the world bank, the fed reserve, that whole system... Woodrow Wilson sold the United States back to private bankers in 1913 we haven't been printing our own money on any reliable value since.
  • I think that fixing money or Fed (returning it under direct goverment ruling) won't solve any problems.
    As this is tools used to solve real problems. And real problems are not only money based.
  • I think real problem is "imbalance".

    poor vs rich. consumer vs producer. debtor vs creditor. weak currency vs strong currency. thin vs fat.

    e.g. We know how easier it's becoming to produce better video. At the same time it's becoming easier to watch more contents everywhere. A lot of people think it's unthinkable to produce awesome HD video by themselves.

    We r heading to extremities leading to great imbalance that we have never experienced. We should get used to uncertainty.

    A quote from Disney's Pocahontas, "What I love most about rivers is: You can't step in the same river twice. The water's always changing, always flowing."
  • It is interesting to look at same chart today.
    15.06 first wave.
    16.06 could be not much better :-)
    I am sure Greeks will be to blame in all mass-media.
  • bitcoins!
  • >As you may know US already passed top debt barrier.
    They just moved all new amounts to Debt Not Subject to Limit :-)
    Love this motherfuckers.<<br />great - thanks