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Edelkrone Wing
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  • I like it. They demonstrated a similar device with a different orientation but they never released that version of the product. I suppose this is their final version of that product. The size is smaller than the prototype they showed some time ago. I like the new compactness of this version.

  • VERY COOL!!! :) I look forward to seeing more on this. I appreciate how compact this is as well.

  • For once, I preordered something. This would fit even better with my tiny kit than my current SliderPlus (and it'll hopefully be more durable than the sliderplus).

  • I was actually wondering why this NAB video that I shot in 2014 started getting a lot of of interest today when it's been dead for a long time until I started doing some research.

    Here's the product page:

  • It looks very cool and compact, but 16 inches of travel really isn't very far. It doesn't seem terribly useful in most situations.

  • They have a new video up:

    brief review that I found: