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FS: Vintage macro reproduction lens KORREKTAR 150mm f6.3
  • Rare lens for sale. It was made for some kind of reproduction machines and covers huge 12x18 cm frame. Probably another copy of industrial Zeiss or Nikkor (as all things done in USSR). It covers 12x18 cm frame, so on small sensors in regular (not macro) mode its not so sharp as smaller microplanars. The good thing about this lens is that in macro mode you can be very very far from object. It has perfect round bokeh at any F-stop and very flat and even image area. Works well for macro and for landscape too. The image is very filmic. The iris is smooth, glass is very clear.

    The lens comes with Rafcamera M45-M42 adapter and with PZF macro bellows (Its not the most precise bellows in the world, but its perfect for this lens because it extends 2x more than other usual more expensive bellows)

    Located in Ukraine, Odessa city. Will ship worldwide. Can accept only Payoneer (Make A Payment service from Payoneer to Payoneer account 0% fee) or any Card to Payoneer (Request a Payment service) with 3% fee. Ask $200 ( or $180 without macro bellows) + shipping and payment fees.

    1842 x 1036 - 81K
    1827 x 1028 - 82K
    1918 x 1079 - 79K
    1918 x 1079 - 78K
    1918 x 1079 - 80K
    1674 x 942 - 83K
    1465 x 824 - 92K
    639 x 582 - 69K
    800 x 618 - 70K
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