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FS: Parfocal Zoom lens 16OPF1-2M-01 f2.4(T3)/12-120mm (Kinor 16CX mount)
  • For sale Parfocal Zoom lens 16OPF1-2M-01 f2.4(T3)/12-120mm (Kinor 16CX mount)

    Sell it because unfortunately it unexpected vignettes at close focus in combination with different zoom and iris settings on BMMCC sensor and i can't accept this. If focused to infinity - it vignettes closer to 110-120 zoom range and almost don't vignettes at wide angle. If focused to 1.5-3 meters - it vignettes closer to 12-40 zoom range.This lens made for 16 mm cinema. It will fit well to Panasonic GH, Ursa 4.6k, RED, Nikon 1 in 1:1 crop mode or to any camera with small sensor, like Pentax Q or 2/3" CCTV camera. Its heavy (1kg) and needs support, its far from perfect as all zooms are. It has its own character, dreamy with blue-orange abberations at wide open. The lens is sharp starting from T5.6. Front focus ring block was cleaned and greased with HELIMAX-XP grease. Works very smooth. I got this lens from local TV studio sale, seems it was used a lot in far past. Front glass is clear but got a few marks. Rear glass is clear. The iris ring can be easily declicked by loosing a screw. It has a rotating arm attachment for zoom, It is more-less usable but fixation clamp is broken (anyway modern follow focus will work way better for this). There is a 74 to 77 mm front ring adapter installed and additional 77 mm lens cap included.

    Also i got additional Kinor-16SX-2 lens to MFT camera mount adapter , with bayonet lock it works well with other lenses but for some reason the bayonet nut don't screws to this lens so the adaprter must be fixed by grinding 0.1-0.2 mm from inner side of nut. Maybe i'll fix it by myself soon.

    Located in Ukraine, Odessa city. Will ship worldwide. Can accept only Payoneer (Make A Payment service from Payoneer to Payoneer account 0% fee) or any Card to Payoneer (Request a Payment service) with 3% fee. Ask $150 for all package + shipping and payment fees.

    More large photos and test images are here

    Well known sensor coverage test:

    1769 x 995 - 83K
    1884 x 1060 - 87K
    1680 x 945 - 83K
    1918 x 1079 - 81K
    1918 x 1079 - 70K
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