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FS: 6mm f1.8(T2.4) 16OKC1-6-1 (16OKS1-6-1) lens Kinor 16CX mount
  • For sale very rare lens 16OKS1-6-1 f1.8 (T2.4) with Rafcamera adapter Kinor 16CX mount to Micro4/3

    Sell it because unfortunately it vignettes on BMMCC sensor and i can't accept this. This lens made for 16 mm cinema. It will fit well to Panasonic GH, Ursa 4.6k, RED, Nikon 1 in 1:1 crop mode or to any camera with small sensor, like Pentax Q or 2/3" CCTV camera. Its wide. its not perfect but has own character. Its slightly soft and dreamy wide open and rather sharp starting from T2.8 and T4. It is a low contrast lens, but you can boost contrast in post easily to match other lenses. It don't have a focus ring. It very sensitive to flange distance changes. I shimmed it to the lens mount adapter with 0.1mm tape so it focus perfect even wide open. The lens is in very nice external shape, glass is clear, maybe few cleaning micro marks in front and some dust specks inside if look too deep with flash-light. I also find that at T11 and 16 i start to see two small dark spots (see the images in dropbox folder). Seems it never was disassembled or serviced. The iris ring is clickless, working very smooth.

    More large photos and sample test images here:

    Located in Ukraine, Odessa city. Will ship worldwide. Can accept only Payoneer (Make A Payment service from Payoneer to Payoneer account 0% fee) or any Card to Payoneer (Request a Payment service) with 3% fee. Ask $330 + shipping and payment fees.

    Example i find at Youtube for similar lens on Panasonic GH3, and well known sensor coverage test:

    1813 x 1020 - 81K
    1918 x 1079 - 63K
    1850 x 1040 - 80K
    1899 x 1068 - 81K
    1918 x 1079 - 68K