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MOZA Lite 2 Camera Stabilizer Operation Tutorial Video
  • Gudsen released the MOZA Lite 2 at NAN Show 2016, a handheld, 3-axis camera stabilization gimbal designed for videographers, filmmakers and cinematographers to capture smooth shots. image

    It weighs at only 2.2kg that lightweight enough for handheld operation, yet strong enough to carry any mirrorless cameras and common DSLRs as well as small cinema camera such as the Red Epic series with max payload of 11.0lbs. It takes powerful motors with digital positioning encoders on each axis to provide precision control and achieve smooth footage by using advanced algorithms. The operator can access to remote control of the camera and gimbal via the wireless thumb controller. It is powered by the intelligent battery with 2800mAh capacity and Tesla cells that can last up to 8 hours. image

    Gudsen team just published the full tutorial video on Youtube for the MOZA Lite 2. It shows how to use the gimbal, including setup, balance, wireless thumb controller and MOZA Assistant operation.

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